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Most Trusted Garage Door Cables Repair in Livonia, MI, and the Surrounding Area

At Brother’s Garage Door Service, we are proud to be known as the most trusted garage door cable repair provider in Livonia, MI, and the surrounding area. Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience working with garage door cables, and they have the knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose and repair any issue you may be experiencing.

Garage door cables play a critical role in the operation of your door, and if they become damaged or break, they can result in serious safety hazards. That’s why it’s essential to call us for fast and reliable cable repair services.

We use only the highest-quality cables and components, and we take the time to properly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. We’re dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our work, and we always strive to provide services that are fast, efficient, and affordable.

If you’re dealing with a broken cable or any other issue with your garage door, don’t wait. Contact Brother’s Garage Door Service today for the most trusted garage door cable repair services in Livonia, MI, and the surrounding area.

Signs You Need Your Garage Door Cables Replacement in Livonia, MI

There are several signs that indicate it’s time to replace your garage door cables:

Visible signs of wear and tear:

If you notice fraying, rust, or other signs of damage to your cables, it's a good indication that they need to be replaced.

The door is difficult to open or close:

If you're having trouble opening or closing your garage door, it could be a sign that your cables are misaligned or have become disconnected.

Sagging door:

If your garage door appears to be sagging or unbalanced, it could be a sign that your cables are stretched or broken.

Age of cables:

Garage door cables typically last between 5-7 years, so if your cables are older than that, it's a good idea to have them inspected and potentially replaced.

Cable snapping:

If you hear a loud snapping noise when operating your garage door, it's likely that a cable has broken and needs to be replaced.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s important to call a professional to assess the condition of your cables and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Dangers of Damaged Garage Door Cables

Broken garage door cables can pose a significant safety hazard and it is essential to have them repaired as soon as possible. If a cable snaps or becomes damaged, it can cause the garage door to become unbalanced, which can result in the door falling unexpectedly. This can cause damage to your car, or your property, or even result in injury to yourself or others. In terms of lifespan, garage door cables can last anywhere from 5-7 years, depending on the frequency and manner of use, as well as environmental factors such as weather and wear and tear. Regular maintenance and inspections can help extend the life of your cables, but eventually, they will need to be replaced. If you're experiencing issues with your garage door cables, or if it's been several years since they were last inspected, it's a good idea to call a professional to assess their condition and make any necessary repairs or replacements. At Brother's Garage Door Service, we provide quick, reliable, and affordable garage door cable repair services to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Our Clients Love Us

Brother's Garage Door Service came out timely and diagnosed the problem and gave me options on how to repair my issue. The issue was fixed quickly and my door was back working. They were very timely and communicated well throughout the job. 10/10 would use again!
Aaron Bigger
The spring of my garage door broke and we called the Brothers for service on Nov 22 3022. They responded promptly and came the next day. In addition to replacing the spring at the reasonable price, they greased the belt and fixed the light bulbs without extra charge. We are very happy with their services and high recommend them.
Mingan Tan
Brother's Garage Door Service are very professional, courteous and hardworking. They installed a new garage door for me and then I had them come back out to install an opener. I would highly recommend them for any of your garage door needs.
Jeffrey A. Weidner

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